Thai Eating Etiquette

Thai Eating Etiquette – Eating properly

One of the most important things for Thai people is relationship. One of the most important things for relationship with Thai people is eating together. One of the most important things about eating together is eating the right way, so here are some great tips about Thai eating etiquette.

Very important Thai eating rules:

1) Only eat with your RIGHT HAND.

2) A fork and spoon are the usual eating utensils. However, noodles are often eaten with chopsticks.Only use the fork to put food on the spoon.

3) The spoon is held in the right hand and the fork in the left.The fork is used to guide food on to the spoon.

4) Wash your hands before eating.

5) if you are in a homestay, shower before eating (as much as possible).

6) Sticky rice is a hand food! Ball it up, then make it into a pinch pot and use it as a little edible spoon-bowl type thing to eat.

7)When eating, it is considered very rude to blow your nose or to lick you fingers. The right hand must be used to pick up food eaten with the fingers.

8)Most meals are served as buffets or with serving platters in the center of the table family- style.

9)You may begin eating as soon as you are served.

10)Leave a little food on your plate after you have eaten to show that you are full. Finishing everything indicates that you are still hungry.

11)Never leave rice on your plate as it is considered wasteful. The words for food and rice are the same. Rice has an almost mystical significance in addition to its humdrum ‘daily bread’ function.

12)Never take the last bite from the serving bowl.

13)Wait to be asked before taking a second helping.

14)Do not lick your fingers.

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