World Cleanup Day Thailand วันทำความสะอาดโลกประเทศไทย
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World Cleanup Day Thailand วันทำความสะอาดโลก


World Cleanup Day, Thailand, 21st September 2019

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with around 35 million people visiting Thailand this year alone. Most countries would not have the ability to handle that many tourists, and considering Thailand’s population is only 68 million people, we’re doing an amazing job.

Once visitors arrive they are blown away by Thai people and their friendliness and love for their country. After these people return to their own country they tell their friends about their experiences in Thailand, often making them want to visit too.

But sadly, we currently have a big problem with waste management in Thailand – current systems are lacking the capacity to deal with the all trash Thailand produces, let alone the extra waste 35 million tourists produce. Tragically, a large amount of our waste finds its way into the natural environment, the waterways and the ocean. 

But there is hope – I always see Thai people come together in large groups for doing good, เราทำความดีด้วยหัวใจ.​ So now, we have a perfect opportunity to join with the rest of the world in a massive cleanup event, that will benefit Thailand for generations. This September 15th is World Cleanup Day วันทำความสะอาด​โลก​ and anyone can join.

This day is a special day where the whole world will come together to make their part of the world beautiful – and I know that Thai people would love to be involved. The activity can be simply one person with a trash bag walking down their street picking up trash, or working together with your friends and colleagues at your business, university, school or village, collecting trash, for just one or two hours, on World Clean up Day.

The great thing about this activity is that it anyone can do it in any location, close to your home and whenever you would like to do it. 

Of course, we can all play our part in reducing plastic consumption, but that will not solve the current problem of trash on our streets and in open spaces around our towns and cities. The next time you are driving to the shops or your workplace, please look carefully along the sides of the road as you drive along, or while you are waiting for the traffic lights to change. Look out of your window and see the cigarette butts, the Styrofoam food cartons, the plastic straws and bottles and other plastic debris thrown away at many roads and intersections around your city.

Now, we have a wonderful opportunity to join the rest of the world on World Cleanup Day, as one of the 150 participating countries in this world-changing event.

If you join us on World Cleanup Day, every piece of trash you pick up will no longer be damaging the environment or harming (and even killing) animals. Your involvement will help us make Thailand beautiful again and help us stay the number one tourist destination in the world. 

On World Cleanup Day, the trash collected can be sorted and recycled at your local recycling facilities, with the rest of it held securely for the District Waste Management services to collect and dispose of.

The details:

21st September 2019 วันทำความสะอาด​โลก​


Anytime – for just 1-2 hours.



Your city, your house, your street, your village, your community, your business, your school, your University, your District, your Municipality, your Province.

We need to create some community spirit through this. Neighbors helping neighbors.

We can work together through these activities…

  1. Meet with Area/community leader
    2. Collect materials for rubbish collection
    3. Discuss areas which need extra cleaning
    4. Share with the rest of the community.
    5. Work together for their beautiful community.

    Afterwards have a celebration meal together at the local temple or community hall.

Share photos and share life!

Help us to get the word out to all of Thailand right now. You can easily like and share this story on social media and join the event, and invite all your friends to be involved.

World Cleanup Day is for everyone!

Thanks very much and look forward to seeing you on the streets on Saturday September 15th 2018.

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