Traveling with Friends

Traveling with friends

Traveling with friends can be absolutely amazing and even friendships tremendously, but sometimes traveling with friends can be disastrous for long-term friendships. This could also be with your,BFF, your boyfriend or girlfriend or even on your honeymoon.

You need to plan and choose wisely when organizing a trip or overseas adventure with your friends.

No one thinks too much about this as they’re planning their short holiday or even adventure of a lifetime. Thankfully most of these issues can be worked out with a little bit of consideration, communication and cooperation.

The bad points of traveling with friends

We will start with the bad points so that you have these in mind when you’re planning and you can have these in your mind ready.
Sleeping – Maybe you’ve had sleepovers with your friends previously, so maybe you at least you know some of their sleeping habits, if you have to share the same room. You might need to take earplugs or spare jumper if they snore or like to keep the air conditioning cranked up.
Daily activities – At times there will be things that you want to do and you do, and other times there will be things that you don’t want to do and you do. Give and take. One good thing is you actually know each other and know what you like to do together. Be sure to communicate with decisions, especially if extra opportunities come up to do different things not planned previously.
Time – your holiday time is precious and you want to make the most of it. so maybe you want to go, go, go, so as not to waste any time. Just be careful, as you and your partner probably won’t have the same stamina and ability to keep up with the pace throughout the whole time.
Also, be mindful that sometimes your partner will be waiting for you, while you finish getting ready, will you finish packing what you should have done last night, while you are shopping, while you are eating, or even what you are chatting up that good looking guy (or girl). Normally they will just keep silent about this, until it gets too much and they might explode.

The good points and tips for traveling with friends

You always have someone to share your adventure with.
You are creating lifelong memories.
You can share the cost of a hotel room, so things are more affordable.
You can try many more yummy menu items, than possible when eating alone. Most of the other restaurant patrons do not like people just having a nibble at the side of the meal.
Two or three are much better than one when it comes to a problem or finding a solution.
Agree about the basic budget – some people have a lot more money than others but what you want to do is be going to, shopping at and eating at places that you can both afford easily and within budget. One can’t be 5 star dining and the other street food markets.
Maybe plan a couple of “break” days along the way. This is a day or afternoon to get out separately to explore and do what YOU want to do.
Talk about decisions and make decisions together with give and take.
Shared expenses like taxis – maybe have an extra purse/wallet for pooled funds. Everyone puts in the same amount and you use that money until it’s finished for shared expenses. When you run out just put in the same amount of money again and repeat until you get home.
Night time activities – some people like clubs and bars, some don’t. Maybe you can make some signals to let the others know what you want to do. Splitting up may not be the best idea, but may be unavailable to keep everyone happy. Also this could work regarding new friends. Have backup plans and meeting times planned before.

Test drive a couple of days traveling around together in your own town or another place close by, that you don’t know. This will be good check to see if traveling together overseas will work.
You have someone to watch your stuff while you’re busting to go to the toilet.

“Thank you”, two simple words that will help along the way.
And all the way along remember to consider, communicate and cooperate with your friends, so they will still be friends after this short journey.

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