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Thai Visa Advice

Why do people ask for Thai visa advice in random Facebook groups? It’s way better to ask them here in the official Thai Vi sa Advice Facebook Group!

Everyone wants to stay in Thailand longer term, so people are always posting questions about, “How Can I Stay in Thailand?” And everyone has an experience of entering Thailand, extending visas, and immigration officials. Who is right, who is wrong? Everyone obviously!

Everyone has their own experience, but that is completely random depending on the person on the other side of the counter. Sometimes they have a nice helpful immigration officer and sometimes not. The guys giving advice in Thai Visa Advice are working with immigration daily, understand the latest happenings globally and give unbiased advice. Please join that group and you will definitely get better answers.


PLEASE NOTE – There are a set of immigration laws of Thailand, but I know that all immigration offices don’t read the same laws the same way.You will need to double check with your local immigration officials regarding your particular circumstances. Oh, and that set of immigration laws regularly changes, so again double check.

The admins take pride in the advice they give and it’s generally better than asking immigration officers! They are at immigration more than most lawyers and they ask questions and seek the truth. But I can see how nomads would know more.

Here are a few pointers from Tod (the Visa guy) for the right wording;
-There is NO such thing as a 30 day “tourist visa” to Thailand. If you got stamped in for 30 days without paying any money, you got in on the visa exempt entry program.

-You NEVER EVER renew a visa inside or outside the country.
— Inside the country you apply for an “extension of stay“.
— Outside the country you go to a Thai consulate to buy another visa.
– If you are going to the border to activate another entry on a multiple entry visa you are NOT renewing your visa.

-You cannot get a single entry 60 day tourist visa for Thailand at a border crossing, you BUY them at a Thai consulate in a neighboring country.

-You “border-bounce” (by air or land) to either;
A) get another visa exempt entry stamp
B) activate another entry on a multiple entry visa

-You “visa-run” by going to a Thai consulate in another country to BUY a visa for Thailand.

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