Smoky Season in Chiang Mai

Smoky Season in Chiang Mai


I have nearly 7 smoky seasons under my belt and last year posted this in Facebook …

Can we pin a post about the smoke? So that people read about the smoke rather than making another post about the smoke? I think the smoke sucks, but I live here in the smoke and I deal with the smoke. I just don’t want to talk about the smoke every day and hear about people in the smoke whinging about the smoke and the people out of the smoke whinging about people whinging about the smoke and posting pictures with no smoke. You are not going to affect the smoke one single bit, so live with the smoke, do what you have to do to survive the smoke or leave the smoke (and do it quietly). And I know there is no smoke at the beach, I just don’t want to see no smoke. Unfortunately I can’t pay for a pinned post about the smoke.

I got some quality traction! Plenty of hot smokin’ comments too.

Dealing with the smoke

Don’t whinge about, we all know about it, we all see it and we all deal with it. If you can’t deal with it … LEAVE.

Spending time in other parts of the world will help you survive smokey season in Chiang Mai! Go anywhere! Just Go.

Pretty much get a good mask for outside.

Limit your exposure. Watch out when exercising.

Spend time indoors.

The Details, the Readings

9 years ago – 255, in 2007 – 300(On the PM10 scale) I wonder how high the PM2.5 would have been???????
Your AIR today – Today’s PM2.5 AQI is 157
(based on PM2.5 data from the Royal Thai Government Pollution Control Department,, reporting station 36t, and the AQI calculator at
The World Health Organization and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency encourage use of PM2.5 AQI values (rather than PM10 AQI values), to more accurately judge potential health effects from pollution. For more information about PM2.5 health effects and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.
I live here and I deal with it. It has been much worse previous years but again more people jumping on a band wagon. I just wish I could find my post about smoky season, but it is buried in Facebook somewhere. However I did look at previous couple years of comments and posts about the smoky season and this year is nothing compared to others.
I deal with it, how, by limiting my exposure, well if it was bad, I might even shut my window. I am not a hero, but someone who just gets on with life.

Asian Farming – Thai Farming

You know that no Thai farmer is going to change anything about what he does, because it’s what he has been taught over hundreds of years, because it is what his dad did and it has nothing to do with smoky season in Chiang Mai.
Thai people don’t even change when it comes to rice and the opportunity to double his crop size using half the resources by planting a slightly different formation(SRI).
YES, you can’t even pay them to grow more with less!!!
I am just saying more and more hoo-ha about this isn’t going to make a tiny bit of difference when it comes to what happens. They don’t even know that rice straw, composting and other things can actually help keep nutrients in their soils. It doesn’t take much and their soils can be better year on year. A friend is into his 3rd Organic Rice season and his crops are killing it. But it’s not how Thai people grow it, so he is a freak, who produces about 3x the former output on the same piece of land with so much less input and no chemicals.
I am not an actual farmer’s bootlace or a scientist who knows anything about smoke, but I am someone who knows one thing, THAI people will not change, no matter what SCIENTIFIC PROOF a white face puts in front of them. Here is some proof –
I just wish people would stop talking about the smoky season in Chiang Mai and air pollution!!!

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