Retro Steak Cafe – A very Thai Buffet

Retro Steak Cafe – A very Thai Buffet

So, I just heard about Retro Steak Cafe and considering I had driven past it at least 50 times, I had never actually noticed it. It’s in my area and on one of my back streets that I use to get to the Super Highway. I couldn’t even picture it, but now I know.

I had planned to go by myself, but an old CM friend was coming back to town and I thought this might be a good option to try. They weren’t vegetarian, so we decided to try it out and as far as buffets go for 139 baht, it’s great all round.



You enter a bit of a dodgy roadhouse looking place from the 70’s in America and apart from the modern door, the rest is cool and authentic old school America!!! They had all the paraphernalia from back in the day and I will go back sometime and add some more pictures here.

Chiang Mai Ambassador Retro Steak Cafe Buffet 139 baht


They had clocks, soda pop bottles, signs, number plates, cans, candy dispensers, toys of all sorts, photos, car and motorbike parts, posters and even a jukebox!!!


Retro Steak Cafe Food

And then there was the food, it was pretty much the standard fare compared to places like this, basic meats, salads, fruits and some pasta with multiple versions of sauce to smother your dinner in. EXCEPT they make the most amazing chicken, cooked perfectly and then put under the griller for a perfect crispy skin!!! Yummy! The fish fillets were also crispy and perfectly cooked, but the chicken definitely won me!!!

Chiang Mai Ambassador