Chiang Mai Motorcycle Registration Transfer

Chiang Mai Ambassador Motorcycle Registration Transfer

Chiang Mai Motorcycle Registration Transfer

To complete my Chiang Mai motorcycle registration transfer I had to take the documents I had prepared to the DLT in Nong Hoi, which is on the Chiang Mai – Lamphun Road (106), at the traffic lights near the Holiday Inn.

Motorcycle Registration Transfer Procedure

I had a copy of a passport face page and the green book(same name as passport), I had copies of my passport, certificate of residence (3 extra copies) and 400 baht, because I wanted a new tax rego sticker.
That’s it! I went to the Nong Hoi office, go straight to information! They gave me paperwork and told me where to write things and sign things. They said go outside and take the bike to get checked. The bike was checked and paperwork given back. I went back to information and got a number. My number was called, I went to the counter. Gave the paperwork, signed anything else and asked for certification of my certificate of residence copies.
I was told to come back after 2-3 days. Went back and everything was sweet! Got all my documents and then went to get my licenses renewed.
I have no idea where the seller was, but nothing else was needed. Please understand that I did this myself in about an hour. The staff at DLT are amazing and efficient if you are prepared.
Even if you aren’t prepared they will assist you all the way.
I am not saying don’t take every document you have, plus extras but I’m saying you don’t need them. Current November 2016.
My second experience was with the seller and similar efficiency even though they were expired 6 months.

Yearly motorbike registration information can be found here – Motorbike Registration Chiang Mai

If you are needing to renew your license, the best resource is my friend’s PDF – Getting a Thai Drivers License (and Renewing)

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