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Superrich Money Exchange

I have been in Thailand for a long time and the only place I go to for currency exchange is Supperrich Money Exchange. I have tried a couple of time to find a better rate for Australian dollars, by visiting about 6 other money exchange places, but none have ever been better than Superrich, so why would I ever go to another?

Never try and get Thai Baht in your own country, it is expensive and a waste of money. You can easily bring cash to Thailand and make a small exchange at any airport, which give standard Thai bank rates, then head to Supperrich and get almost FX Rates. One time a friend bought Thai Baht in Australia and his $500 got 11500 Baht and when he changed $400 at Supperrich, he almost got the same 11500 Baht.

Superrich (Chiang Mai) is one of the first few companies which have been given permission to run the currency exchange business legitimately. Auth. No. MC 325510147 .

I have used these guys 100 + times and they are the best in Chiang Mai hands down. If you have cash and need baht or the other way around, use Superrich and you will not be disappointed.Chiang Mai Ambassador Superrich Money Exchange

The Money Exchange Rate

You can find out what their current money exchange rate is for 25 currencies at their official website – Superrich Chiang Mai Exchange Rate . Funnily enough, they are the only ones to advertise their current exchange rates, but when you go to make the exchange, you can’t take photos of the rates.

Money Exchange Locations

Their original location is about 400 meters down Loy Kroh Road from the moat. Loy Kroh Road is parallel to Thapae Road and one block south. It goes right through the middle of the night bazaar on Chang Klan Road.
FOR TAXIS – 34/4  ถนนลอยเคราะห์  ต.ช้างคลาน อ.เมือง จ. เชียงใหม่  50100

Superrich’s second location is conveniently located inside the Old City on Ratwitti Road, diagonally opposite the U.N. Irish Pub and opposite the Chiang Mai Saloon. Ratwitti Road runs parallel one block north of Rachadermnern Road(Sunday Walking Street).

FOR TAXIS – 25/4  ถนนราชวิถี  ต.ศรีภูมิ  อ.เมือง  จ.เชียงใหม่  50200

Superrich’s third and brand new location is directly opposite its main competition SK Money Exchange. It’s not the Level Corporation, BUT CLOSE BY!
FOR TAXIS – ถนนเจริญประเทศ, ต.ช้างคลาน อ.เมืองเชียงใหม่ จ.เชียงใหม่

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