LastPass – a simple password solution for everyone.


I have been using Last Pass for about 3 years and personally it keeps me sane! My LastPass password list is hidden, but the ease of which it is to login is awesome. I show people my passwords all the time because who can remember 2uHths63bsa62fg&^$@? I can’t. If you pay $24 per year you can use it on all devices and it syncs across everything.

I would suggest it to anyone, especially if you just have one or two passwords that you rotate. Never try remembering passwords again! Let Last Pass do it for you. It can do a security audit on your password list and you will be surprised at what passwords it already can find for you “hiding” in Google. Check it out!

N.B. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you use it you will never go back.



LastPass generates crazy password combinations instantly then save them and test them. It also keeps your list of former passwords as well, so if something messes up you are away.


Chiang mai ambassador Lastpass


LastPass works on your PC and for a small fee, you can use it on all devices.



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