Chiang Mai Ambassador Don Muang International Airport

Don Muang

Don Muang International AirportChiang Mai Ambassador Don Muang International Airport

Don Muang International Airport is one of the gateways into Thailand and basically the low-cost carrier terminal in Bangkok. Whilst a couple of other low-cost carriers fly to Suvarnabhumi, most head to Don Muang. It’s Bangkok’s old main airport and will be connected to the city with the new section of airport link almost completed. It will make a trip into the city very easy.

Don Muang is considered the world’s oldest airport with the first commercial flight landing in 1924. It was temporarily closed in 2006 reopening in 2007 after renovations. Currently, Don Muang is the main hub for Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Air, and Orient Thai Airlines.

The recent opening of terminal two has increased capacity but also in a welcome facelift to a fairly old looking aChiang Mai Ambassador Don Muang International Airportirport. It was a little confusing to me at first but I welcome the change to spend a few hours hanging around the airport after a football match.The old terminal one still handles international flights from Don Muang, with terminal two catering for all domestic flights.

Arrivals area

Landing at almost any airport is very similar, so it’s all about getting from your plane and out the door and away to your next adventures. The new terminal at Don Muang is great the way it handles your arrival, especially if you are traveling with only a carry on. Our gate was so far away but with four walkways, it felt so close. Before I knew it, I was standing outside and 15 feet from the A1 Airport Shuttle (orange bus) which links you to BTS and MRT. It’s so easy and just 30 baht!Chiang Mai Ambassador Don Muang International Airport


I was flying out early one morning, so I thought I would do a few laps and get acquainted with the new upgrades. I arrived about 10:30pm and was flying out at 4:30am.

The main check in counters are on the third floor and there are a few restaurants scattered around the fourth floor on the fourth floor as well there is a sleep box place where you can have a nap for 1000 Baht per three hours. McDonald’s and Burger King have restaurants as well as some other chain operators.  Chiang Mai Ambassador Don Muang International Airport Chiang Mai Ambassador Don Muang International Airport

Behind the check in counters there is a large area for the security operations and airside you will find 7-Eleven and Krispy Creme, Subway and other restaurants. The gates are still all in the same places, but where the walls previously were hiding the upgrades, now it’s open and beautiful. There are some high end boutiques, but I didn’t get to close to them.

My gate was very close to the security section, so within minutes I was there.

Chiang Mai Ambassador Don Muang International Airport


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