Chiang Mai Ambassador Business Transformation Day

Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai – now includes Co-Working and Co-Living.

Digital NomadsChiang Mai Ambassador Business Transformation Day Digital Nomads

The digital nomad phenomenon has only just begun in the big scheme of
things. These location independent entrepreneurs, as they would much rather be called, fly around the world at a moment’s notice, use their skills to make money various ways, but mostly online and helping others to do similar. There are so many websites, YouTube videos and applications devoted to this niche market, well most of these websites have been created for and by digital nomads themselves. Well everyone loves Chiang Mai and they rave about it everywhere, so at some time you will find yourself in Chiang Mai. It’s number 3 on Nomadlist – .

Before you you come to Chiang Mai, you will read all about how being there is cheap, full of others “doing what you’re doing” and has a laid back lifestyle with all the amenities of your city, with a lot less crime and problems. You will have a lot of questions and will want answers, so here is a list of great Chiang Mai Nomad Facebook groups full of information and insights about living in Chiang Mai.

There is also a great book,  NomadGuide CHIANG MAI by Michael John Hughes. It’s 400 pages and full of great information.

If your Chiang Mai Nomad Related group is not here then please let me know, chiangmaiambassador at gmail dot com .

The list of Facebook Groups for Nomads looking to come to Chiang Mai

Weekly Nomad Coffee Meetup –

Welcome Chiang Mai Nomads!

Digital Nomad Girls – and their website –

Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai – – it’s a great place for nomading!

Chiang Mai Youtube Group –

Chiang Mai Online Society –

Informal eCommerce Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Coders and Developers – see note at bottom. ***

Chiang Mai eCommerce Digital Nomads

eCommerce WhatsApp Group –

Chiang Mai SEO Community

Chiang Mai Audio & Video Society

Chiang Mai Startups

Chiang Mai FBA newbie support group

Amazon Seller FBA Community Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai FBA

Bitcoins in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Digital Marketers

WordPress Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Udemy Digital Nomads

Chiang Mai Software Developers

Chiang Mai Digital Nomads Entrepreneurs

Chiang Mai Affiliate Marketers

Chiang Mai Digital Expats

Chiang Mai Digital Jobs

Coworking Chiang Mai

Digital Nomads CoWorking and/or CoLiving Locations

There are hundreds of Cafes in Chiang Mai and a lot of nomads base themselves out of these locations, but some of the better options are the co-working locations in Chiang Mai.

Let’s have a look at some of the better ones –

YELLOW – The old Library building on Nimman Soi 5 & 7 has been completely transformed and is the new HQ of nomads it seems!
Chiang Mai Ambassador chiangmaiambassador punspace 3 locations

Alt_Chiang Mai – This brand new location features cool living and office facilities!

PUNSPACE – This is the first and still up there with 3 locations now!

Hub53 – Over on Canal Road, this crazy colored building is another Hub of Nomads working and living together.

CAMP at MAYA Shopping Centre

Elephant Co-Working –

Heart Space


Digital Nomads After Hours

Chiang Mai Digital Nomad House

Chiang Mai Happy Hour Nomads

Chiang Mai Digital Health

Break Time for Nomads(less worky)

Chiang Mai Nomad Yoga


Anyone looking to stay in Thailand and do some part time web, mobile app development work with a local foreign owned company with offices in BKK and CM? Send me a message. BOI company. Visa and WP provided.

It is a 5-6 year old business, who are looking for great developers who want to be in Thailand. I can easily create a connection with the owner and you can go from there. They have a local CM office to work from. Just PM or email shayneinthailan at gmail .

For other great after hours social, activity and sports groups, non Nomad related, I have a great list here – Chiang Mai Social Groups . If you can’t find something here that you are interested in, please let me know. There’s also some great general information about Chiang Mai here on the resources page.

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