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Comfortable Sandals for men in Chiang Mai

Comfortable SandalsComfortable Sandals Chiang Mai Ambassador The Stall

If you are in the market for comfortable sandals for men, then you need to head to this stall at the Sunday Night Walking Street Market.

When you go to the Walking Street Market and you really want some good quality, long-lasting, comfortable sandals you should head down towards Wat Chedi Luang and just past the main gate you’ll find little market stall in 

Comfortable Sandals Chiang Mai Ambassador The Stall

the middle of the road with amazing comfortable sandals.
For the past 5 years, this small stall has supplied me with awesome comfortable sandals and I would always recommend them as the place to buy men’s sandals. I have bought about 15 – 20 pairs of shoes  from the stall. Over the years on average the shoes last me around about six months plus of everyday use.

Comfortable Sandals Chiang Mai Ambassador The Stall

They have ladies sandals available as well, but I don’t know how good they really are.

However if you have big feet like me you will probably need to at least order a couple of pairs and give them a week to make them. Maybe you can contact me and I can place an order for you if needed. I take size 44 Thai size which is about 11 or 12 US/UK size. Sizes up to 42 are available anytime.

Comfortable Sandals Chiang Mai Ambassador

Here is a comparison between 4 month daily worn sandals (right) and the brand new version(left). The upper is slightly different from the former matte material, but it is still super comfortable and super strong. These sandals can handle anything, they are strong and well made and almost indestructible.Comfortable Sandals Chiang Mai Ambassador

Comfortable Sandals Chiang Mai AmbassadorThere’s not too much to say about these shoes except that after a week or so, they will be your best friends and you will walk around town all day with them very impressed to have found such comfortable sandals.

You can find the stall in the middle of the road in this area of the Sunday Night Walking Street Markets.

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