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Chiang Mai Insurance

CNXINSURE CNX Insure Andy Chiang Mai Ambassador chiangmaiambassadorChiang Mai Insurance – need it, want it, use it? Do you understand your health or vehicle insurance options?

For me, insurance brings peace of mind, but is it worth it? Insurance gives security, insurance helps when you need it most. When you are in trouble, when you get into an accident, with insurance, you have something that will help in time of need.

Insurance is a safety net when things go wrong, insurance is there to help those who need it.

For insurance in Chiang Mai, I recommend Andy at CNX Insurance. He has policies and options to help almost everyone. Andy has been insuring people in Chiang Mai for more than 10 years and understands the needs of his clients and he is ready to help you.

Do you have any health insurance or hospital coverage?

Do you have a vehicle that you drive? When is your insurance renewal date? All newer vehicles should have proper insurance and when renewal time comes, maybe give Andy at CNX Insurance a call and compare his options with your current insurance.

Why is Andy at CNX Insurance the best option for expats and digital nomads in Chiang Mai? He is like us, an Englishman who has 14 years in Thailand, he understands insurance options from around the world, but suitable for Thailand’s hospital network and he can explain everything in plain English.

He has great options especially for Americans with much lower deductibles than your current policies, and still has coverage in the USA when you travel home.


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