Chiang Mai Driving Tips – Driving in Thailand

Chiang Mai Driving

Even if you are a competent and experienced driver in your home country and you plan to do some Chiang Mai driving or in fact anywhere in Thailand, you will need to learn new driving styles and understand more of how people look at life and driving in Thailand.

Driving In Thailand


Thailand is a very dangerous place to drive and sits at number 2 on the list for highest deaths per capita, second at 36.2 deaths per 100,000 people to Libya, which is off the charts at 73.4. Total numbers of reported deaths in 2015 the WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 . Real statistics reported by Thailand are road traffic fatalities (2012) 14 059 –  (79% M, 21% F). However, WHO estimated road traffic fatalities 24 237, because of some reporting methods used by authorities in Thailand, who attempt to minimise these statistics. WHO estimated rate per 100 000 population 36.2 and Estimated GDP lost due to road traffic crashes 3.0%.


Driving In South East Asia (ASEAN)

There are approximately 316 000 deaths each year on the roads in South-East Asia, making road safety a major public health issue in the region. While the region has an overall road traffic fatality rate of 17.0 per 100 000 population (Thailand leads the statistics here at 36.2, which is more than double the average for the whole region), lower than the global rate of 17.4, this masks considerable variation in the situation among different member states.  P13 Road Safety in the South-East Asia Region 2015


However, only 3 countries – Bhutan, Thailand and Timor Leste – representing 69 million people, meet both these criteria, in line with best practice. That is, they have helmet laws that meet best practice and apply a helmet standard. Three of the participating countries rate their enforcement of helmet laws as good.           P10 Road Safety in the South-East Asia Region 2015


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If you are needing to renew your license, the best resource is my friend’s PDF – Getting a Thai Drivers License (and Renewing)

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