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Branch Office Information

Branch Offices

Branch Office Information

To register a branch office with the government we will need the following items:

a. A map of your office detailing the surrounding roads and main properties (eg post office, banks etc)

b. ID card and House registration of the landlord (must be the same address as the branch office) – 4 Signed Copies.

c. Land title(Chinoot) of the branch office – 4 signed copies.

d. A letter of permission or from the house/building owner allowing the COC or Haven Foundation to use it – 4 Signed Copies.

e. The same letter of permission (as part d), but signed by the Foundation Member renting the property.

f. Lease contract – 4 Signed Copies.

g. Photo’s of the building, especially the front of the building and in the office, including foundation members at desks also.


Foundation Branch Offices:

  1. Must be manned full time during business hours and the phone answered as government will visit or phone at any time during these hours (phone needs to be answered as ??? Foundation)
  2. Must have a Foundation sign that can be seen from the road
  3. Need to be accountable to the Chairman for everything it is doing
  4. Thai staff must be on social security. They must be paid minimum wage and then 5% of their salary and an extra 5% are paid to social security by the 15th of every month (percentage will change from year to year)
  5. There must be a yearly annual branch office meeting where all staff attend
  6. All staff with work permits or on our social security will be known by the government as staff
  7. Must abide by the Foundation’s Memorandum of understanding
  8. We will need a flowchart of the structure of the office including Thai staff and work permit approved volunteers and their positions and a copy must be on an office wall
  9. Picture of the King and Queen on a prominent wall
  10. Must have the Thai Flag and the King’s Flag at the property entrance
  11. If the office needs to be closed or transferred to a new property: No work permits and visa’s under the office can not be started or renewed until the new office has been changed with the government which is a 3 month period from the time the paperwork is submitted. So quite a few months’ notice needs to be given before this is done. If there is an emergency change then we can’t guarantee that processing can be done until the change is approved.

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