Blood Donation Procedure

Blood Donation Procedure

The Blood Donation Procedure is quite simple, here is a basic video to help you through. Below are some photos with more in depth information. Sometimes tourists and short term visitors may not be able to donate blood.

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Just follow these steps and photos to walk you through the process at the main donation center on the map.

Walk past this building and down to the entrance below.

When you enter you will be somewhere near here. So head over to the red sign and find your forms.

Blood donation procedure 15

Here are the forms you need, just kept in the right hand side of these two receptacles. Complete both sides and move to the next section where you will be registered into the system and do the pre-check.

Blood donation procedure 17

After registration you will have a quick interview with a nurse in area 3, your answers will be checked again and you will have the finger prick test to see if you have any blood to give. After this, please grab another glass or two of water.

Here comes the fun part of the whole blood donation procedure. It’s the useful and semi scary part of your donation, however, the lovely staff will assist you and try and make having a needle jammed into you not so painful or stressful. You get to choose which arm you will use and you get a nice comfortable chair for your 10 minute donation.

The nurses will simply do their thing and you will be entertained by the great TV soaps being shown or by watching all the other legends donating as well. After 5-10 minutes they will have collected 450mls, which is under 10 percent of your total blood amount. Don’t worry they can’t over collect so you will be OK.

Thanks heaps for completing your donation today. You are a hero! Just be careful as you first stand up, please take your time as you have donated and you may be a little lighter on your feet.

You will now carefully make your way across to the rest and recovery area, where you can grab a cold drink, a snack and whatever else they have available that day. After donations, please look after yourself and watch out that you do not do any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise will your donation arm as bruising may occur.

There are some restrictions for over 55s, so please have a look here and see if you can help lives today.

More explanation and information about the blood donation procedure can be found at the Red Cross Page.

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