About Chiang Mai Ambassador

Let’s talk about being an ambassador.
What does it take to be an ambassador?

Well I think it’s about a love of the subject you’re being an ambassador for.

I love Chiang Mai so much and I think you will too. It’s a place where many cultures come together with the underlining easy-going attitude of Thai people being the real reason people love it so much.

Hello I’m Shayne!
A Chiang Mai question answerer, networker and people connector!
I have been in Chiang Mai nine years and know all the best places and most importantly I love telling people about Chiang Mai and it’s best bits!

With ease you can get around, you can do your work, you can enjoy your holidays, you can do anything you want without too much stress at all. Chiang Mai is a place where you can be free to connect with lots of people or hangout out at home or do the tourist trail of activities around Chiang Mai Province. There are hundreds of great things to do, places to eat and the best part, people to meet, even if you stay is only a few days.

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This page as a springboard to help you do whatever you want to do in Chiang Mai. Just have a look around for honest and helpful information about Chiang Mai.