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You will soon understand why Chiang Mai is such a wonderful place to live or visit.

This website as a place where you can get the latest and greatest information about the best things of Chiang Mai and getting life happening in Chiang Mai.

Shayne, the Chiang Mai Ambassador, just loves Chiang Mai and spends most of his time helping others get the most out of their experience in Chiang Mai.
Chiang Mai Ambassador

The Ambassador is here to help with answers to your questions.

Community is the human experience, so creating communities where people can connect and interact is one of the best things I can do to help you experience all that you want to in Chiang Mai.

“Chiang Mai is a place of wonder, which many people don’t fully experience. I would like to help you move forward in this endeavor. I have been a networker and connected for several years. I can connect you to all your dreams and visions.”

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